Computer and Modem Connection

Computers are powerful tools in the this era, the computer can process data quickly, make the job easy and simple. Computers also have the ability range of sophistication of others in helping people work daily. As can be said as the digital age, but in fact is the digital era is the era in which humans can use the machine by wearing buttons that had been previously programmed. The program is based on chips such as that used by the computer.

Computer is connected to the Internet, to get internet connection when banya ways, such as by using a direct cable connection to your PC, and some use of wireless cable is a more simple but actually is by using a tool called USB MODEM. Modem is a tool for connecting with internet connection, usually wearing privider telecommunications services available in the country. Modems have the advantage of which is easy to carry everywhere, do not require a special room to store it for its small and simple

Sell Modem
If you need a modem price various kinds, there are cheap and there are expensive, prices range between 500,000 to 1,000,000 dollars, but you should not worry and give up hope to get the modem, because I offer a modem that cost former 300000-350000 rupiah , if you require please add our twitter @ m_wiyono or add me on facebook Muhammad Wiyono. 

The modem is a modem that I use at the moment, because I want to use another connection cable . My modem is a modem oiya Flash BendLux. How do you need please contact me. For the goods ready to use and easy to use way


Computer Desk

Computers was needed of everyone in this era, especially for the era future. Since almost all activities to work use computers, ranging from the calculation to calculate, process for data, to store data. This modern era of all activities can't be far from the computer. the size of computer made large size. The times demanded to be simple, so now the computer is made in the form of a minimalist. Even the existence of laptops and notebooks all become simple

Therefore, the all businessman also targeting markets computer-based for business, software and hardware. Included hardware is a computer desk. The desk computers sold in the market and in the mall or plaza many different kinds and different shapes. To choose it, our should be tailored to the needs. Since each activity has different needs vary. A writer may need a computer desk that there are bookshelves, computer desks vary with the needs required by a bank teller. A bank teller would require a simple table that has a box to save money.

Performance in terms of choosing of computer desk, make sure all the structures and completed forms according to our needs. While the strength of the table is also a major consideration factor. It could be a simple shape but does not guarantee power. Includes a keyboard, mouse and modem. Prepare to pay attention to the place where the desks and computers will be placed

The layout of the room into focus the views for each occupant, and therefore put a computer desk and computer that far from more children, including the electricity and other furniture. Computer hardware many wires visible on the outside, and all contain the flow of electricity despite its small number of watts but it can be dangerous if touched by children. One more thing, choose a place that has a conditional lighting, so that the screen was clear and not refracted color.

The color computer desk, furniture ornaments adapted to another, and adapted to the color of the walls. Choosing a color that matched the wall color is expected to give a relaxed and comfortable at the time when on the move.


Mouse Computer

Functioning computer mouse to select commands to the computer's performance, in working with the help of a computer mouse has a very important function. Never one to choose a mouse, many mouse dnegan offered a very cheap price, and various brands. To select the mouse then customize to your needs.

Small Mouse, suitable for use personal laptops and businessman who have high mobility, both in the car or anywhere cafee general. Choose the scroll mouse that can run fine, because at a certain moment we desperately need these scrolls.

Large mouse commonly used for people who have big fists, agarlebih easy and suitable for your hand.
Now there is almost no optical mouse that is not because in addition to safer and more accurate than the power range that uses the mouse ball underneath.

Colour and light also affect our performance, although no effect on the performance of your computer. not the wrong choice. Cheap is not a guarantee for your convenience in working.

Having to do with computer

At now Computer is requirement that can not be delayed because the computers have the sophistication in the count, accuracy in a random data.

Computers that cheap labor is not guaranteed to make comfortable for your, because the economic cost of buying, but the need to consider is the speed of the computer itself. So is the image.

Display for image also has a function to keep our eyes stay healthy and be delivered from various diseases. Choose a computer that has the speed as needed. Many people who choose a computer based solely on trend without considering the needs of our.
Select all products that have a formal guarantee, to avoid the things that are not desired. Your choice will determine your comfort at work. For tips to consider are as follows or anticipation for buy it:

Choose the speed of the computer as needed, usually needed for photo or video editing more require a lot of disk space and a maximum speed

Always select the original products that are not easily damaged, the original product is usually accompanied by the logo of the store that issued the product

Pick a simple model to be easily carried wherever you go, then I suggest you to buy a notebook or lap top. But if it needs it at home it is better to buy a PC, because it is more shock-resistant and able to service our own.


Anticipation of Buying a Computer

Business of computer is now beginning to explore all markets, including traditional markets. traditional markets formerly only sell goods groceries once a day but now many shops selling booths popping up computers and accessories. This could be the answer that the computer for the life of a household is a mandatory requirement must be met immediately.

to buy new or used computer, hence the need to be noticed are as follows:
1. inspect the goods, the physical computer that has never broken down ex-mark will appear.
2. be alert to brand him a fraud, because a lot of packaging is not in accordance with the original spare part
3. to check all people should be with the machine on '
Fourth. corresponding to requirement, if the purchase does not fit with the needs of the computers we have no price.
5. if you do not understand about computers then you should buy with our friends who are experts on this computer.

after all goods have been bought then ask for the warranty though within a few days, this is an act of anticipation may be the goods we buy are known defect after we wear.


Bussiness Computer's

Paza Computer's

Plaza in which many computers sold spare part is one of the promising business in the future as predicted that all the people who will be dating will need computer as a companion to live.

Computer is a multi-use tool to meet the needs of human life throughout the world, particularly in developed countries and developing countries. Almost the entire industry all require machinery complement sebgai computer. Sometimes used to store data and is sometimes useful to run a particular production.

Computer world is now a need for urgent, because the computer business was of interest to many people.